Patents & Industrial Designs.

Our firm is well prepared to furnish the called for services to obtain, maintain, and protect patent rights in light of client’s definite business objectives in an ever more competitive market. We are prepared to work and coordinate with a large number of firms around the world.

Our patent services include:

  • Undertaking appropriate searches of the prior art to ascertain if a patent may be existing to address the question of novelty.
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications as well as utility models, designs and business method applications. Again, our firm provides services in connection with enforcing design rights and defending infringement actions.
  • Undertaking post-registration actions such as payment of the required fees.
  • Negotiating and drafting patent licensing agreements as well as transfer agreements.
  • Preparing legal opinions on the validity of a client’s patent after conducting the appropriate search of the prior art to ascertain if the patent lacks novelty.
  • Preparing legal opinions to ascertain whether a client’s product infringes a competitor’s patent.

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