Trade Secrets.

Trade secrets are considered among the invaluable business assets, as they derive an independent actual or potential economic value, from not being known to others, to the effect that disclosure of a trade secret may enable others to obtain economic value from it. Trade secrets embrace a plethora of confidential information matters such as chemical formulas, chemical compositions, and mechanical structures, manufacturing processes and customers’ lists and other similar matters. Given the increasing utilization of joint ventures, the most appropriate means to secure and maintain trade secrets and confidential information is by structuring the requisite contractual arrangements. Again, policies and procedures may be developed to address and guard against divulging trade secrets and confidential information.

Our trade secrets services are as follows:

  • Preparing appropriate confidentiality agreements envisaged to protect proprietary improvement of inventions. Confidential information stands as invaluable assets for many businesses ranging from transnational fortune 500 companies to start-ups and high net worth individuals having assets in venture capital or technology. A broad spectrum of information requires to be protected including salient business matters such as customer’s lists, price lists, and the method of doing business.
  • Preparing non-competition agreements.
  • Preparing non-solicitation agreements.
  • Preparing employee and third party confidentiality agreements.
  • Advising clients on trade secret infringement litigation.
  • Assisting in evaluating your company’s requirements with a view to developing policies and procedures customized to address the client’s specific needs.

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