What are the types of Applications?

The bulk of applications are filed by way of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). A provisional application needs only have a description of the invention. The applicant has 12 months from the date of filing a provisional application to file a complete application. A complete application should include a full description of the invention accompanied by claims, and an abstract having a summary of the invention being disclosed. A complete application may have as its foundation one or more provisional applications. The priority date of a patent claim is significant in telling whether the requirement for patentability of an invention has been satisfied. The requirement of novelty and an inventive step are evaluated against the prior art as it existed before the priority date. The priority date is normally the date on which a provisional application is filed, or the date on which an application is filed in another member jurisdiction. A PCT application designates all the jurisdictions that are parties to the PCT application, as well as the Sudan and secures an international priority date.

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