What is the function of claims?

The claim or claims shall define the protection thought and shall be clear and concise having the requisite description support, that is to say technical terms, legal terms delineating the monopoly thought must be clear and concise. The same applies to grammatical construction. General terms of vague sphere may not be entertained in the claims even when they are terms which the addressee might be in a position to discern for performance purposes.

The claims shall not exceed the content of the description. Claims may include in particular.

Apart from claims for one or more products, claims for one or more manufacturing processes for the product or products and claims for one or more applications of the product or products.

Apart from claims for one or more processes, claims for means of working the process or processes and claims for the product or products which result from the working and claims for the application of such products.

In the event of several claims, they shall be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.

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