What is the Importance of an industrial design?

The expansion of mass production of articles by means of the industrial process spawned the need for the protection of the ornamental aspects of goods. The design or shape of a product reflects the image of the company. It may be identical with the company’s branding. It can become an asset having momentary value and susceptible to increase in value. In the event you slacken to protect your design others may benefit from your design. An industrial design is an applied art whereby the aesthetics and usability of products may be enhanced. Design features individualized by the industrial designer may embrace the total form of the object, the position of details as regards another, textures, colors, sounds, and ergonomics. The features that are included in the article must appeal to the eye to the effect of having an attractive consequence on the eye chiefly the eye of a potential buyer. Usually through the application of industrial design, a product’s appeal to the consumer is very much enhanced. An industrial design may be the reason that a particular product is chosen or desired. Design protection prevents competitors from using the same or a strongly similar design and especially where a design has been copied.

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