What is the scope of the right?

The patent shall confer upon its registered owner, where the subject matter of the patent is a product, the right to preclude third parties who do not have his consent from the act of making, importing offering for sell, selling or using the product. In the event the subject matter is a process, the proprietor is entitled to preclude third parties who fail to secure his consent from the act of using that process and from the act of using, offering for sale, selling or importing for those purposes the product obtained directly by that process. The scope of protection conferred by the patent shall be determined by the terms of the claim. The description and drawings included in the patent shall be used to interpret the claim. The purposive construction is invariably accepted by most legal systems as a legal approach to claim interpretation. The rationale behind this canon of construction is to determine the true scope of the claims as they would be read by a person skilled in the art without knowledge of particular alleged infringement acts. The rights under a patent shall only extend to acts done for industrial or commercial purpose.

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